Laira Stewart

Laira Stewart spent her childhood growing up next to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula Forest in Sequim. She would spend most of her day’s bike riding and hiking in the forest, learning about the plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest. She was homeschooled growing up and during that time she became passionate about photography and loves to take landscape photos. She married young in 2007 and has two children; a son born in 2009 and a daughter born in 2012. Both her and her husband returned to college to get their degrees while raising their young children. Her husband’s job after graduating from UW took them to live on Maui in 2013.  She obtained her B.S. degree in Elementary Education in 2014 while attending part time distance learning.  They decided to move back to Sequim in 2015 to homeschool their son who was struggling in the public school system because of his autism and speech delays.  She has been homeschooling ever since and she has spent time teaching in homeschool co-ops and ALE programs.  She has always loved working with children and finding fun and engaging ways to facilitate learning. She spends her free time studying martial arts, kayaking, rowing and doing photography!