Are you looking for a homeschool enrichment opportunity that:

  • Allows children to learn, play & grow outdoors?
  • Teaches hands-on skills?
  • Inspires teamwork and leadership?
  • Includes work on Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Personal Development and Creative Arts? 

Enrich your child’s knowledge and connection with the natural world. Join us for outdoor adventures and wilderness skills with an incredible community of homeschoolers. Each week your child and their small class will explore the trails, beaches, bluffs and forests of Sequim while completing projects and activities that help build meaningful relationships with nature. Classes range from inquiry-based to academically focused based on child’s passions.

Activities & Skills Include: 

  • Environmental Sciences: Seasonal Changes, Animal Habitats, Plant Studies, Geography, Ecosystems
  • Wilderness Skills: Plant Medicine, Knife Work, Tool Use, Fire Building, Navigation, Shelter Building, Cooking, Tracking
  • Math: Patterns, Symmetry, Engineering, Spatial Relationships, Estimation, Measuring, Practical Math Use
  • Language Arts: Literature, Storytelling, Journaling, Group Discussion, Vocabulary
  • Creative Arts: Songs, Crafts, Storymaking, Music, Journaling
  • Personal Development: Community Agreement Making, Teambuilding, Group Games, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Physical Well-Being: Natural Movement, Aliveness, Agility, Awareness, Quiet Reflection, Sensory Development
  • Social Studies: Civic Involvement, Group Decision Making, Team & Community Building, Natural History, Anthropology
Nature Skills I

A wild and adventurous crew! We will build shelters, learn the language of birds and plants, forage for wild snacks, read stories, create arts & crafts to deepen learning, play cooperative nature games, and revel in the experience of being outside together.

During the ages of 5 and 6 years old, children are exploring their complex emotions, social relationships and strategic thinking.  They like to play with friends, but then might be challenged with group rules, they are still using play as a primary means of learning, and do best with short periods of focused time.  Nature Skills I class meets the specific needs of these 5 and 6 year olds. Through lots of small projects to deepen their science, math and environmental understanding, fast paced games, and time to practice social interactions, emotional expression and group decision making, these children are allowed to grow and learn through their passions at their pace.  


5-6 years old. Children must be 5 years old at the beginning of the school year to enter the program, children may be 6 when starting this program.

Days & Times

 Wednesdays 10:00am – 2:00pm 


September 2, 2019 – June 5, 2020

2020 Registration Opens in Spring. See our Join Us page for more details.


Dungeness Recreation Area

Registration Fee + Deposit

Upon completion of registration, an annual registration fee of $25 and your tuition deposit will be due. Your deposit is 50% of one month’s tuition. Your deposit will go towards your May tuition. If you are unable to complete the school year, we will keep your deposit. For more information view our Registration Policy. 

Click this this link to sign your child(ren) up for this program.

Tuition Assistance

Olympic Nature Experience has tuition assistance available for low-income families. Tuition Assistance applications are due July 15, 2019. You will find the tuition assistance application as a part of the registration process.

Nature Skills II

The thrill of reading the tracks of our animal neighbors in the mud, the competence to create shelter and fire from nothing, the wonder of catching a glimpse into the life of a wild animal, the feel of being safely among a community of friends. It is the knowledge of place, the feeling of being at home in the world.

Through exploration, projects and play children work with science, mathematics, literacy, and wilderness skills while delving into month-long themes and projects. Skills practiced include fire building and tending, navigations, animal tracking, tool making and using, shelter building and plant identification and use. Students will develop intrinsic motivation, empathy, social communication skills, independence, confidence, and a deep connection to the natural world.


7-10 years old. Children must be 7 by the start of the school year, and are recommended to have been in Nature Skills I or Summer Sessions Skills if they are only 7 years old but it is not required. 

Days & Times

Fridays 9:30am – 1:30pm


Green Point Foundation Land in Agnew, WA

Registration Fee + Deposit

Upon completion of registration, an annual registration fee of $25 and your tuition deposit will be due. Your deposit is 50% of one month’s tuition. Your deposit will go towards your May tuition. If you are unable to complete the school year, we will keep your deposit.

Visit our Registration Form to sign your child(ren) up for this program.

Tuition Assistance

Olympic Nature Experience has limited tuition assistance available for low-income families. You can read more about our tuition assistance program here. Tuition Assistance applications are due July 15, 2019

Tuition Assistance Application

Open Houses

Together with Olympic Nature Experience staff, you and your child will explore Owl’s Hollow Nature School. You will see how learning takes place outdoors, how the classroom environment is set up, and the flow of the daily routine. You will learn program philosophy from our staff, and have an opportunity to ask questions.
This Open House will take place rain or shine so you can see how our teachers and families work together to make sure children are prepared to learn in all weather. Please be prepared to be outside and hike a short distance on and off the trail and up and down hills. Our Open House is 1.5 hours from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM. 
Sign up for an Open House on our Join Us page. 

Safety is our highest priority and we are constantly aware of the environment and all changes that are happening including the children’s abilities and energies as well as the weather and location.

Our instructors are specially trained to recognize forest and nature dangers and prevent unnecessary risks while children play in the forest. We teach children to recognize and asses their own safety levels and ensure that the boundaries around their play are clear and followed. Some inherent risk occurs while children play in the forest, however, we feel that this risk is developmentally appropriate and satisfies children’s need for challenge and growth of their physical and emotional selves.

In the modern world, we have been taught that learning is solely didactic education of a teacher “teaching.” This means that unless a students is being talked to, given an obvious lesson, they will not perceive their own activities as “learning.” In our coyote mentoring model, it’s common for a child to say or think, “I didn’t learn anything.” In reality they are deeply immersed in nature, becoming more knowledgeable about their place, skilled in being part of a community, and deeply connected to one another. Additionally, they are practicing skills that will set them up for a life time of learning: critical thinking, problem solving, perspective taking and observation.

Through self-directed play, children engage with the natural world on their own terms. This helps them create an authentic connection to nature that comes from within oneself. Our skilled teachers keep children safe, and create opportunities that appear spontaneous and random to the students, but are ways to deepen academic concepts such as math, science and literacy skills.

Yes. This is a drop off program, and parents are welcome to stay and observe or volunteer, but you are not required to stay on-site.