• Olympic Nature Experience Employee Contract

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  • 1. The Board hereby agrees to employ the Employee and the Employee agrees to serve the Board by performing duties as listed on provided job description from this date forward until job description changes, employment period as listed in this contract and job description end or employee or ONE make changes to this agreement through written consent or employee termination. This program will include school year and summer programs as well as outreach events and other duties performed as outlined by attached position job description. All duties will be listed on attached job description which will also be signed and dated at the time of this contract.

    2. The Board agrees to pay the Employee for services rendered on an hourly basis, payable at the beginning of the next month, according to the pay rate agreed upon including applicable benefits in the employee’s job description, provided.

    3. Employee shall faithfully perform, to the best of his or her ability or skill and to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, all duties set forth in the job description or as assigned and shall at all times follow state and federal law.

    4. If the Board or Executive Director find fault with employee’s actions or decisions, Employee shall be notified in person, with a warning and written documentation shall be recorded. If Employee receives two written warnings for the same or similar incident, employee shall be terminated at the discretion of the Board or Executive Director.

    5. The Employee agrees to submit to a criminal history check. The Employee represents that he or she has disclosed to the Board his or her criminal history as part of the application process and agrees that during the term of this Contract, the Employee will notify the Board, in writing, of any charge, arrest, conviction, pleas of nolo contendre (no contest) and/or receipt of deferred adjudication or probation for any felony or crime of moral turpitude.

    6. Employee understands that an increase of hours or job expectations due to increased programming or change in program goals may be necessary during the term of this contract. Changes in programming hours/expectation will be clearly expressed, in writing, to the employee up to one month prior to start date of increased programming.

    7. Employee understands that a need to reduce personnel due to declines in enrollment, or government regulations or change of program may constitute cause for termination or reduction in hours at any time during the term of this Contract. Employee will receive written notice of reduction of hours or early termination no later than two weeks prior to termination date when termination is due to program changes.

    8. The Employee may resign at the end of the school year covered by this Contract. If the Employee attempts to resign at any other time, the Employee will be released from this Contract only with the written consent of the Board.

    9. During the term of this Contract, the Employee may be terminated for good cause and without written warning if a state or federal law is broken or the Board of Directors has determined the instructor’s conduct inappropriate. In lieu of, or pending discharge, the Executive Director may suspend the Employee without pay until the board has made final determination.

    I have read this Contract and agree to comply with its terms and conditions.

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