Teacher and Students looking at raindrops on the water surface

Our Values

Through our interactions and programs, ONE board members and staff strive to embody the following values, continually working to create a safe, meaningful experience:

STEWARDSHIP: We take care of ourselves, each other and the Earth by encouraging people to spend time outdoors, learning, moving, exploring, and noticing small wonders.  

GRATITUDE: We practice appreciation for each other and the natural world, which helps us remember how we are all connected.

RESPECT: We accept people’s life choices, personal beliefs and unique experiences. We create organizational structure, programs and curriculum that is inclusive and equitable for all people. 

AWARENESS: From wild spaces to our relationships with others, we aim to increase our understanding of the world around us and our place in it. 

Mission Statement

Olympic Nature Experience’s Vision is that all people deserve to develop a deeply felt sense of connection and appreciation for our natural environment that inspires gratitude and intention. 

Our Mission is to connect our community with nature and each other through inclusive and immersive outdoor experiences on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Students running down trail