Teacher and Students looking at raindrops on the water surface

Our Values

Through our interactions and programs, ONE board members and staff strive to embody the following values, continually working to create a safe, meaningful experience:

CARETAKE: We take personal responsibility to protect our natural resources, the beings that depend on them, each other and ourselves as a collective part of nature.

GRATITUDE: We practice appreciation for each other and the natural world, which helps us remember how we are all connected.

RESPECT: We honor the rights of all living creatures to live in a clean, healthy and peaceful environment. We practice respect for each other by honoring our various needs and personal choices.

AWARENESS: We aim to increase our understanding of the world around us. From wild spaces to our relationships with others, we are committed to understanding how our actions create change in the world.

Mission Statement

Olympic Nature Experience’s Vision is that every person in our community has the opportunity to develop a deeply felt sense of connection and appreciation for our local, natural environment that positively affects their daily actions and decisions.

Our Mission is to nurture our community’s connection with nature and each other  through immersive outdoor experiences.

View our Annual Report 2018 – 2019 here.

Teacher leading students on the trail